The Zion Community is lead by staff and lay-leadership
You are welcome to join us and lead something that speaks to you.

professor alice shalvi

founding president

Born in Germany in 1926, Professor Alice Shalvi was educated in England and immigrated to Israel in 1949. She served as a lecturer in the English Department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and established the English Department at Ben Gurion University. Between 1975 and 1990 she ran Pelech, an experimental high school for girls in Jerusalem, and from 1984 until 2000 served as founding chair of the Israel Women's Network, the Israel Prize laureate.In her marriage to Moshe Shalvi, the couple had three sons and three daughters.

Rabbi Tamar Elad Appelbaum

founding Rabbi

Rabbi Tamar Elad Appelbaum is the founder of Kehilat Zion; and co-founder of the seminary for Eretz Israeli rabbis of Hamidrasha and the Hartman institute. Her work spans and links tradition and innovation, working toward Jewish spiritual and ethical renaissance. She devotes much of her energy to the renewal of community life in Israel and the struggle for human rights. In 2010 she was named by the Forward as one of the most influential female religious leaders in Israel for her work promoting pluralism and Jewish religious freedom.

heftzi zion mozes


Heftzi Zion-Mozes is a Drama Therapist specializing in escorting and treating women around life events through body and soul processes in her private clinic in Jerusalem. She is also a playback group facilitator, improvisation theater that brings to the stage life stories.
Heftzi studies the experiences of women who have coped with breast cancer in preparation for her M.A in the Gender Program at Bar-Ilan University.
She lives in Jerusalem with her husband and three children.

yahala yachmish

co-head of prayer

A Jerusalemite musician and leader of prayer and piyut, Yahala has a B.A in Composition from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. She is a prayer leader, singer, creator, choral conductor, teacher and workshops facilitator. Yahala teaches Piyutim at the Keshet School, works at Midreshet Ein Prat, and leads a young piyut group and the national choir in Singing Communities.

nerya refael knafo

co-head of prayer

Director of the civil tracking institute of the Masorti Movement - Jewish Pluralism Watch (JPW) - Nerya brings with him a rich background in social and political activism. A graduate of the Shacharit Institute Leadership Program, Nerya served in the IDF with the Hesder Yeshiva, studied politics and government and has written and edited in various media outlets. 


Nerya is a social activist on issues of peace, solidarity and democracy. On a personal note, he is a member of the Knafo, Abuhatzeira and Bardugo families of the Jewish leadership in Morocco and a leading activist with regard to the absorption of Sephardic Jewish values in Israeli society.

hadass pal yarden


Hadass holds an M.A in ethnomusicology specializing in Sephardic Jewish song in Turkey.  In recent years she has expanded her repetoire to include Turkish folk songs that influences Jewish prayer.  She has participated in a number of international music projects, and is a pioneer among Mizrahi female cantors in Israel and around the world.

Shay adamke

tikkun olam coordinator

arnon ben dor

Youth coordinator and

administrative assistant

Born in Kibbutz Ein Zurim, Arnon is an alumni of the yeshuva in Ma'aleh Gilboa.  He and his wife Meital live in Katamonim.

board members

Rabbi Bill Berk | Rachel-shlomit brezis  | Galit Cohen Yehudah cohen (treasurer) | michael fagenblat Devorah Greenberg | Jean-marc liling | miri lowenberg |  

ilana nelson  oded peles moriah lehman-rut michal shachak |

 dena sher heftzi zion mozes (chairwoman)  

yair harel

cantor and musical director

Yair Harel is a world-renowned Israeli performer, artistic director, and community organizer, active in the revival and contemporary
interpretation of the ancient art of Piyut (liturgical Hebrew poetry) in Israel and abroad, that has revolutionized the face of Israeli culture in
the last decade.
He is the Hazan and Music Director of congregation Zion in Jerusalem.
Founder and Editor in chief of the Invitation to Piyut website and the artistic director of The Jerusalem Piyut Festival and the Ben Zvi Piyut
Vocal Ensemble.
Harel was an artist in residence at UC Berkeley (2014) and has also taught at the Hebrew University, the Schechter Institute of Jewish
Studies, and The Jerusalem Academy High School for Music and Dance.

Gili Re'i


I grew up in Kibbutz Meron Golan, with a two year excursion to the US, upon our return my family and I moved to the Galil.  In 1995 I moved to Jerusalem, and since this it has been my home, a home I love endlessly.  I got my B.A at the Hebrew University in Education and Arts History, but I ended up dedicating my professional life to social change organizations: I started as an administrative assistant at the New Israel Fund, and then continued to becoming Director of "Commitment to Peace and Social Justice, later as Deputy Director of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI).  In 2015 I joined the team of Sikkuy - The Association for Civil Equality as Co-Director of the Department for Shared Society.  I am a board member of Shaharit, and of A Land For All - Two States One Homeland.  Additionally in the past two years I have had the privilege to be part of the "Living Together Task Force", and to be a Schusterman fellow.  My two kids attend the Hand in Hand Bilingual School in Jerusalem.

sara miriam liben

Head of operations

Sara Miriam Liben was born and raised outside of Boston and made Aliyah to Israel after completing her B.A.s in Sociology at Columbia University and Women and   Gender Studies in Judaism at JTS.  She currently volunteers on Jerusalem's Rape Crises Center hotline, and would love to meet you over a cup of coffee.

Born in Ethiopia, Shay immigrated to Israel at the age of five during Operation Moses. He is married to Eleanor and father to Lala Nativ and Arbel. Shay is an educator in the field of guidance and development of diverse and integrated programs. He is a senior facilitator in the development of creative thinking and teaching the principles of innovative thinking in a variety of organizations and training teams and has developed and lead workshops for the development of creative thinking and personal innovation in a changing reality. He holds a BA in the Department of Multidisciplinary Studies from the University of Haifa and is a certified facilitator and graduate of the Mentoring Course at the Center for the Development of Creative Intelligence and Preparedness for the New World.

dasee berkowitz

Head of community and education

Dasee Berkowitz is an educational consultant who has worked in informal Jewish education for the past 20 years for Jewish communities in the US and overseas in Israel, India and the FSU.  She has served many national agencies including AJJDC, Makom and JCCA. She has applied her educational experience to synagogue settings and enriched Jewish life at Temple Adas Israel in Sag Harbor NY and is delighted to bring her experience to Kehilat Zion, in Jerusalem. Dasee is a frequent contributor to Kveller.com, JTA and has also had pieces appear in Forward.com, Haaretz and Times of Israel.  Much of her writing focuses on developing parenting as a spiritual practice.

Uri kroizer


Uri Korizer is Director of Education and Community for the Piyut and Tefllah Website, and initiates and leads prayer at Kabbalot Shabbat in Jerusalem’s public squares and at Kehilat Zion

community committees 


Cultural and social activities in the community.  You're welcome to write to Shari Har-Tuv, Miri Lowenberg, or Oded Peles


Activities for parents and children on weekdays, Shabbat and Holidays. You're welcome to write to Moriah Lehman

caring committee

Accompanying members in times of difficulty and happiness.  You're welcome to write to Rachel-Shlomit Brezis, Miriam Mann, Nomi Razz, or Connie Green


Zion-NOAM Youth Group 

You're welcome to write to Arnon Ben Dor

Gabaut and torah reading

Teaching Torah and Haftarah Trope and Gabaut in the community.  You're welcome to write to  Oded Peles


Multi-Faith Beit Midrash, The Blue Door, Adopting Asylum Seekers, and more.  You're welcome to reach out to Ilana Nelson, Merav Mazeh, or Jean-Marc Liling


Ensuring the future of the community and maintaining relationships with our generous supporters in Israel and around the world.  You're welcome to write to Sara Miriam Liben or Heftzi Zion Mozes


Membership is the heart of the community and we ensure that the membership process is inviting and fun.  You're welcome to write to Dena Sher or Devora Greenberg.

welcoming committee

Welcoming guests to the community in Hebrew and English.  You're welcome to write to Sara Miriam Liben.

Building Search

Searching for a home for our community.  You're welcome to write to Galit Cohen.

audit committee

For questions you may write to Rachel or Itzik.

We need you -- choose something to be a part of and join a committee!


The Gym at Geulim School
4 Kibbutz Galuyot st, Jerusalem

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