The Silent Channel

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Prayer service times for Yom Kippur

Tuesday, October 4
Fast begins at 5:41 pm
Kol Nidrei at 6:15 pm

Wednesday, October 5
Shaharit begins at 8:30 am
Yizkor (estimated time) at 12 noon
Mincha at 4:15 pm
Neila at 5:30 pm
Fast ends at 6:57 pm

Children and young families
We will have games and books available throughout the services. Please feel free to bring additional toys and games from home.

Children’s activities:
Kol Nidrei – singing Adon Haselichot
Shaharit – activity led by Dana at 11 am
Mincha – activity led by Ella and Alma at 5 pm

Services take place at the Geulim School, 7 Gad St (entrance through the playground across from 6 Gad St), and are streamed live, audio only, using a special broadcasting system that works in accordance with traditional Shabbat observance. To access the silent channel, please click here.

Zion’s Shabbat and holiday prayer service are now broadcast live, audio-only, on a digital platform that is in-line with traditional Shabbat observance. The broadcast allows members of the community – and others in Israel and around the world – to be a part of Zion’s prayer services even when they cannot attend in person.

Services are led by prayer leaders Yahala Lahmish, Nerya Refael Knafo and Hadass Pal Yarden, together with Rabbi Tamar and members of Kehilat Zion. The broadcast is in pilot stage and we are continually learning and upgrading the system to reach optimal quality.

  • Shabbat observance - the channel does not require any human contact during Shabbat and its operation does not violate traditional Shabbat observance.

  • Computer Use - While the broadcast is available on all devices, continuous, touch-free listening during Shabbat requires using a computer. Please note: the channel broadcasts continuously only if you stay on the page and do not browse at the same time. We recommend using full-screen mode to follow the broadcast uninterrupted. 

  • Sound - Please do not adjust the sound through the online player but rather through your computer or external speakers.

  • Screensaver – Please make sure before you start that you have adjusted your screensaver settings so that your computer does not go into sleep mode or turn off. For instructions on how to do this in Windows click here and for Mac click here.

  • Charger - Please make sure that the computer is connected to a charger that will not be turned off by a Shabbat timer.

  • Setting up before Shabbat - Prayers will begin in real time, according to the prayer service schedule published on the Zion website. Please press the link within two hours prior to the beginning of the service, press the UNMUTE button and enlarge the screen. 

  • Please note - During the week, the link will indicate that the network is unavailable, since the system does not work on weekdays.

For the prayer service schedule, please click here.